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SEE by tappie-chan
This is another piece in the series that I've been picking at off and on for a few weeks, which is too long for me. I've gotta move on, folks! So I'm releasing this one into the wild. Go, be free, little bird.
The speed paint is here:
See speed paint video
Traveler by tappie-chan
One of the pieces in the new series I'm working on. All of the subjects of this series are living in an apocalyptic/post apocalyptic world, and with each painting I do, the story becomes clearer in my head. A few of the characters are reoccurring muses, but many will most likely be one-shot portraits that serve to set the feeling and tone of the world and its inhabitants.

The speedpaint is here: Traveler Speedpaint
Hunter by tappie-chan
"Hunter"--one of the characters in my current series of paintings. I wrote a little story to go with it, but it's a bit unrefined at this point, so please be gentle :).

Before the story, here is the speedpaint vid: Hunter Speedpaint

Here’s the story: 

You make your way through the ruined forest, avoiding the charred remains of  roots and twigs in an effort to keep your footsteps quiet. You’ve been traveling for 3 days with no signs of life, but you know better than to allow overconfidence to make you sloppy. The mist and ash in the air are indistinguishable from one another, yet they still don’t provide enough cover to totally conceal you from the eyes of someone with a mind for violence. 

So you listen. And you watch. Your weapon is always at the ready, a visible warning you hope will preclude attack. As you near a thicket of gnarled, twisted branches and husks that used to be trees, you notice a faint glow, ghostly and alien in the haze. 

You draw close, silent and cautious. A person sits, back to an insubstantial fire, occupied by a task you can’t see. You slowly raise your weapon. This person may have valuable supplies that will replenish your dwindling reserves, and you’ve long since realized that there’s very little room for morality where survival is concerned. Besides, anyone this far from a city is unlikely to share and share alike.

You are startled when the person – a woman, you now realize – turns and looks directly into your eyes. The action is leisurely and unafraid. Her eyes move to your weapon, then back to your own eyes in one slow, unblinking motion. She regards you for a moment longer, then returns to her work. A green light from her left eye trails the movement like a wisp of smoke. 

You know in that instant that she heard you coming before you saw the distant glow of her campfire, and had decided that you were not worth the time and energy it would take to dispatch you (little though it may be) before you had emerged from the mist.

You think it best to move on before she changes her mind. 

....But you could actually, 'cuz that's what it is lol.

WooooooOOWWWW......I've been away so long....

Well since I am (grudgingly) entering the world of social media self promotion, I thought it would be a good idea to add my two newer digital pieces to my poor, lonely deviant art *dusts off cobwebs* PLUS my first ever speedpaint video! *squee!* If you check any of it out, I humbly thank you and tip my hat :).

Also, I just want to thank everyone who has left me such kind comments over the years of my absence, I really do appreciate them. They do my little heart good :).
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tappie-chan's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Well hello there friend!

I suppose the first thing I should say is that I'm a fan of brevity where writing biographies is concerned ^__^ (I'm also a fan of punctuating my sentences with smily faces when appropriate). But my life is an open book, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

My passions are Jesus, story creation and development, drawing, visual arts (particularly visual storytelling), and writing (a relatively new addition to the list).

My goals are:
- to use the above stated passions in the Entertainment, Arts, and Literary industries.

- to bring creation, epicness, love, generosity, healig, truth, goodness, light, and life to the world in their most potent visual and written forms.

- to be a highly successful renaissance woman.

- to complete my life's mission (whatever that may be).

- to bear fruit that is eternal (creatively and otherwise).

My favorite mediums to use are Photoshop, Corel Painter, conte' crayon (on tinted charcoal paper), pen and ink. Other programs and mediums I've used are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, markers, acrylics, water colors, pastels, Macromedia Flash, and some Maya.

My favorite subjects to illustrate are people (persons?)....humans. (lol)

....I also really like whimsy, sunlight, nature, and ninjas.

(wow, this wasn't a brief bio at all....I'm sort of proud of myself ^__^)

My websites:

Ashley Guyot Art Art:



Instagram: @ashguyot

Current Residence: Los Angeles

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